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Our Mission

ARS is an enterprise that draws superior talent and a class of driven, motivated, and loyal professionals who deliver for our clients.  The results are innovative, agile, state-of-the-art results for our mission partners and long-term relationships for shared success.

Our Vision

ARS is respected as a world-class provider of technically integrated solutions as we deliver premier talent and technology across our focused markets for unparalleled, continuous mission support. 

Our Core Values

•    ARS rewards calculated risk taking and innovation, it’s OK to “smart fail”
•    Our customers and the collective mission are utmost in priority
•    We invest in our people
•    Integrity to do what we say, showing in how we perform every day
•    Everyone is important, all roles make the enterprise a success
•    Equal opportunity and inclusion for all, we are performance-based
•    We ensure a high-energy workplace, people want to work here
•    Our team is empowered to create change and improve the company

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ARS is a growing small business serving the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. We specialize in providing fully-cleared professionals and subject matter experts to solve our customers’ most significant challenges.
Customer Focused. Mission Driven.

DevSecOps Engineer 

Dayton, OH 45433, USA

Applied Research Solutions is seeking a full-time DevSecOps engineer (DSOE), located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The DSOE’s primary function will be to support the development and operations of the Program Cloud Development Environment. This engineer will focus on the core code pipelines to ensure that the code is continuously built and tested.