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Cyber Solutions

ARS is experienced with computer network operations, including computer attack, defense, and exploitation; critical infrastructure protection and exploitation; malicious software discovery and mitigation; digital forensics; side-channel analysis of existing and emerging electronic devices; and technological advancement forecasting.


Information Technology

ARS delivers world-class software systems engineers and IT professionals to our mission partners, including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), LINUX, and JAVA system development, strength in database technologies, and all system administration functions. 


Intelligence Programs

ARS provides MASINT and Geospatial Intelligence Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TCPED) solutions to the national and tactical DOD/IC. Our personnel have successfully delivered platform System Engineering, Integration and Test (SEIT), distance learning and training programs and courseware, counterterrorism, hard targets analysis, and successful systems software integration/IT support across a multitude of programs.


Logistics Support Services

ARS provides Logistics & Warehousing, Leak Monitoring, analytical, IT, administrative, and other Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) support services for the DoD. Our technicians provide mission-critical weapons system support to ensure a continuous supply of refrigerants, halons, and solvents are available to maintain weapon system readiness. 


Research and Education Support

Our Team delivers a broad range of technical services and expertise to support basic and applied research in the areas of Cyber, Directed Energy, Operations Analysis, Space Systems, Systems Engineering, Technical Intelligence.  We also provide programmatic financial, and sponsored programs office support for research activities. ARS is experienced with the entire range of in-house and distance learning education support, including instruction, instructional design, curriculum development, course and schedule coordination, communications, and learning management system administration.

Program Management and Engineering Services

Our professionally-trained and certified Program Managers provide the full spectrum of program management, including requirements generation, planning, programming, budgeting, test, analysis, & integration, and risk analysis & mitigation, to deliver capability and capability-based solutions for current and future DoD and Intelligence Community gaps. Our professionals provide engineering services to enable the development, fielding, operation, and sustainment of specialized systems and architectures, enhancing our nation’s capabilities.


Scientific Test, Analysis & Evaluation

ARS is experienced in DoD T&E planning, execution, and assessment; mathematics and statistics; and provides access to research communities. We routinely provide Program Management and T&E organizations with recommendations and best practices regarding test planning, execution, and analysis—focused on optimizing return from test resources—and provide engagement and mentorship to T&E practitioners, providing liaison services with the Service Components to assist and share lessons learned.


Space Systems

ARS provides space systems support in the areas of systems engineering, software, test and evaluation, system safety, system security and launch site operations. We develop, update, and coordinate technical products and deliverables in the above areas for both government and commercial customers.  We advise and assist in the development of roadmaps and strategies to solve challenges faced by our DoD, Civil, and Commercial customers. 

Our SMEs also provide strategic consulting support for the technical certification of new launch systems for DoD and Civil missions.

Applied Research Solutions

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