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Cyber Solutions

ARS is a recognized leader in cybersecurity resilience across the Department of Defense (DoD), bringing in-depth experience defending cyber interests and delivering advanced capabilities honed from protecting the Air Force’s most valuable assets. Our solutions and services ensure an adaptive defense strategy, sustainable threat protection, and a mature security posture. We are experienced with computer network operations, including computer attack, defense, and exploitation; critical infrastructure protection and exploitation; malicious discovery & mitigation; digital forensics; side-channel analysis of existing and emerging electronic devices; and tech advancement forecasting.


Digital Modernization

We take a user-centric approach to enterprise IT and digital modernization. We provide an agile, resilient, transparent, seamless and secure IT infrastructure and services that transform data into actionable information and ensure dependable mission execution.  Our approach advances the digital workspace with proven solutions in Service Oriented Architectures, mobile devices, cloud, database technologies, and network modernization. Our focus on DevSecOps provides an integrated and standard set of tools and methods that result in reduced security risk while meeting mission objectives of faster and more cost-effective project delivery. We also provide support for DoD programs such as LevelUp and other software factories.


Intelligence Programs

ARS provides MASINT and Geospatial Intelligence Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TCPED) solutions to the national and tactical DoD/IC. Our personnel provide expertise, innovative tools, advanced algorithms, and new techniques to help our customers get the most from intelligence data. We provide a full spectrum of intelligence support: research and development, analysis and production, counterterrorism, hard target analysis, software development, DevSecOps, systems network and administration, enterprise architecture design, and data services.


Logistics Support Services

ARS helps DoD agencies and their contract managers navigate today’s dynamic acquisition environment with proven strategy, management, and guidance from experienced logistics managers. We provide logistics & warehousing, leak monitoring, analytical, IT, administrative, and other support services for DoD facilities. ARS also provides planning, programming, engineering services, facility management, and construction management oversight for DoD facilities and infrastructure. We operate the largest Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) in the USAF, requiring all employees and contractors to have a security clearance.


Research and Education Support

Our Team delivers a broad range of education services and expertise to support basic and applied research in the areas of Cyber, Directed Energy (DE), Operations Analysis, Space Systems, Systems Engineering, and Technical Intelligence.  We also provide programmatic financial, and sponsored programs office support for research activities. In addition, we research DE enabling technologies and DE system concepts through experiments, modeling and simulation, and analysis.

Program Management

Our professionally trained and certified Program Managers provide the full spectrum of program management, including requirements generation, planning, programming, budgeting, test, analysis, & integration, and risk analysis & mitigation, to deliver capability and capability-based solutions for current and future DoD and Intelligence Community gaps.


Data Science and Engineering

ARS provides a wide range of products and technical services for our customer base. We design, develop, and test autonomy, AI, and ML prototype technologies and unmanned systems for warfighter application; conduct R&D efforts with Research Lab and University partners; identify technology transition paths; serve as the virtual environment developer for critical technology products; and provide technical and programmatic services for key customer programs.  In addition, we provide Agile Software Development and Cloud computing services across several agencies.